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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons

The problem with all revolutions is what to do afterwards.

Swedish band formed in spring 1980 and disbanded in November 1981.
They remind me of a very early Siouxsie Sue from the "make up to break up" period with a slight remembrance of Lydia Lunch screams.
Strong percussions and high pitch voice accompained by noisy background and spoken words.
Dark sounding tracks transmit to the listener anger and desperation.
Great Band, great songs.
Will be uploading some tracks on the player from the album "Best Off" released in 2007
a 20 track compilation with live performances and studio recordings.

Discography (from Wikipedia)
  • [Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons] Serve You! (limited home-made release of 300 copies, contained two tracks, "Fantastic" and "Happy Funeral")
  • 1980: Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons (re-release of above with different cover art)
  • 1981: IceCream To God (flexidisc release on Castor Records)
  • 2007: Best Off (20 track CD compilation of studio and live recordings on Ill Wind Records)

Compilation Tracks

  • "Blätta" (from Schlagers sommerkassett)
  • "The Poet" (from Cosa Nostra)
  • "The Poet" (from Dansa med fig. 13)
  • "Filmen" (from 37 min. i Stockholms City)

FROM http://cdbaby.com/cd/kitchenatps (on the same page you can also listen to some tracks and , if you want even buy the CD.)

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons were formed more or less by accident in the spring of 1980.

Iggo was a member of another band, Psyco, who had a gig booked at punk haunt Musikverket in Stockholm. The band had to pull out due to illness but Iggo quickly recruited Mats and Jackie from Porno Pop to do the gig anyway. Anne joined them and took on vocal duties, they wrote and rehearsed three songs in two days and performed them under the name Gdansk.

The newly formed band immediately found themselves on a creative roll and continued writing songs and playing live, changing their name to Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons after two more shows. Helena joined the group on synth around that time making the group a five piece.
A few shows later Kitchen were invited by producer Johan Vävare to record sessions at Soundtrack Studios in Stockholm. Four tracks were recorded but only two were used- this became the Fantastic/Happy Funeral single released by the band themselves.
In an attempt to broaden their sound and artistic possibilities Kitchen invited Patrik Lindvall to join the group in early 1981. The new line up recorded their second single Ice Cream to God in Studio Decibel and released it on the newly founded Castor label.
Growing tensions within the band led to Anne leaving in the summer of 1981, to be replaced by singer/poet Iodine Jupiter, one time vocalist in Porno Pop. After recording a few tracks for compilation albums the band disintegrated in the autumn of that year, although some of the members continued collaborating under the names Kitchen and Kitchen Zoo



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Cioa amore.
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