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Poison Creeper

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Post Punk in Australia

an interesting compilation which I will download very soon...;p
here's the review:
There seem to have been a decent number of compilations and reissues focussing in on Australian music's underground heritage, which have focused in on bands like The Scientists and Radio Birdman among others (check out the Do The Pop! Compilation on Shock Records for further details) but this collection from Chapter Music brings together a selection of tracks from the Antipodean post-punk scene from the likes of The Apartments, Primitive Calculators, Fabulous Marquises and other colourfully-named acts (People With Chairs Up Their Noses - who feature Jim White of Dirty Three no less - and Slugf**kers are especially conspicuous on this count). What's most surprising about this compilation is how heavily electronic elements feature. Take a listen to the eccentric bleeps and bloops of 'The Dumbwaiters' by (Makers Of The Dead) Will Travel Fast or the drum machine noodlings of Essendon Airport. On top of that you still get the bedroom guitar abrasion of any self-respecting New Wave scene: there's the skewed jangle of The Moodists' 'Gone Dead', while Voigt/465's 'Voices A Drama' is all Siouxsie & The Banshees hysteria. Best of the bunch is The Apartments' 'Help', plundering the same treasure trove of guitar riffs and classic guitar pop as The Cure. It's worth noting that this compilation originally surfaced a couple of years ago, and really paved the way for the more recent retrospectives on Australia's punk and garage scenes. Furthermore, there's a new second volume that's also just in this week... Excellent.

from Boomkat.com

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