Die geheimen Tageb├╝cher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Alphaville - She Fades Away

She's like a frostfern in my head
The lamplight burns my eyes and then
she fades away
My pencil's frozen in my hand
And the letter I can't write
It seems to be a desert without end
I woke up late at night
She called me up
Then disappeared
And the echo of her voice filled the
empty places in my dreams
With the silent tide
She fades awayAgain
She fades away
She fades away again
Don't go nowPlease, stay
My senses are cruising through a void
As pale reflections play on the
deserted roads
I hear the humming of machines
A distant sound like thunder crawling
through the voidThere's no escape
I knowI run around in circles without end
And the more the memory grows
Dissolving from realityWith the silent tide
She fades away
She fades away
She fades away again
Don't go nowPlease, stay
Don't make me cry
This time I've got to learnI know, she won't return