Die geheimen Tageb├╝cher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Mating Of The Midnight Mare
Anasya Atkins

Rolling trill of cricket song
Sweeps across the meadow long
Back and forth in brushing play
Blow waves of gilded grass and silvered hay
Silent are the humming wings
Of all the brightly donned day things
Color bleeds and drains away
Giving up to dark display
Another world ghostly still
Descends to drop hazy upon the hill
Fodder in haystacks heaped up high
Horse hair whisps knit eye to sky
Expectant floating night clouds part
Where bat wings beat and owl eyes dart

Fairies open folded faces
They neaten gowns of gossamer laces
Moonbow mirrors sparkling lights abound
Purple blue prisms swirl on the ground
Spider spins no more today
Nodding nectars sealed away
Magic spreads like moving fog
O’er upturned leaf and mossy log
Firefly, moth wing bent just so
Caught up in tattered green tree calico
Early spring eve where folds the frill
Of crocus flower and daffodill
Whispered sighs that dreams do hark
Fast asleep is singer meadow lark
Lightning cracks open barn door wide!
Something comes through from other side!
Rolling out all legs and mane
From flowing fluffy cloud counterpane
Cloud bursting shadows part the air
Yo ho! Comes the Midnight Mare!
Make way! This is another force
Yield to the clamoring hoof beats of the horse
Steel drum strung across the moon
Bangs an eerie marching tune
Out from burnished cirrus hanging low
She comes from afar and canters slow
From whence she comes is not known
Dropped from sky come seed and bone

Reflected in satin icy pond
A shaggy mane of stormy champagne blonde
She is not made of red clay earth
From galaxies she owes her birth
Restless heart prances hot desire
White coat streaming loins on fire
Flanks perspiring, flushed and free
Made for passion’s reverie
Haystacks lay now in disarray
She has rolled hard in scattered hay
Dusted in the kissed moonlight
Her heart is set on sweet delight!
And lo! she’s kicked down her moonbeam gate!
And nickers madly for a mate!

Effortless gait she steps up proud
To chase a sudden shifting cloud
Through ragged hills and tremors spent
The Midnight Mare is heaven bent
She whinnies nervous, paws the ground
Ears erect—a sudden sound!
She’s off! rearing crashing hooves ignite
She needs no feather wings for flight
She’s heard a call and gained the scent
And leaps o’er trees and firmament
In her blood is pent up lust
She throws out turf and star laced dust
With eyes agleam and wind tossed brow
There is no stopping to her now!

She leaps o’er planetary rings
She races in Milky Way sport of kings
Away! She bucks in lofty race
There is no limit to her pace!
The moon has stretched to it’s tallest height
And suddenly a great burst of light!
Far across the silver track
Stands a stallion ringed in black
A frozen statue in galactic yard
Heavy legged and muscled hard
Coat of gleaming ribboned coal
Shades of dark to his very soul
Black as black against the sky
Smoking nostrils and pinioned eye

Matted mane and tangled tail
Yonder lurks the Midnight Male
Taught and tense he holds his stare
Directly at the Midnight Mare
A study in power and grace
Standing foursquare, intelligent of face
He’ll hold his ground, he will not budge
When she turns her back or offers nudge
He will not nip this tender meat
As his great heart skips a beat
Glaring white and crashing wild
Shy, he has grown suddenly mild
Fetlocks planted neat and straight
He knows that he has met his mate!

Cantering now has quickened her pace
She circles him in careful chase
She doesn’t pay him any heed
As swifter ‘round him she does speed
A galloping thing not quite sane
She moans and roars like a hurricane
Until all he sees is the length of her
One big lasso in a spinning blur
Mare whirling ‘round stallion holding his last
She has roped him in, she has run so fast!
Become twine of roped-up animal need
She’s spun a tight hold on gallant ebony steed!
He is tied, his movement ceased
She has captured this surly beast!

There in space comes courtship clear
Amongst quasars, shooting stars far and near
‘Round they go in heel and toe
Checkerboard horseplay exploding to and fro
The intercourse of black and white
Good and evil merging tight
Long legs kicking and teeth aflash
Silver and gold in starglow crash
Mare crying out in pain to her steed
Both of them beginning to bleed
Pleasure shaking them, writhing and grey
Love nips send their differences away
In ecstasy they are but one
Gliding and floating toward a distant red sun

Some say there are places yet
Where out in space spins this horse lariat
Equine courtship in this place
Of whirling tightening inward coils existing in space
Where Midnight Mare and her male
Run rings ‘round each other, nose to tail
And in this spot some call a black hole
Hides a wobbly secretive soul
Just a mere dappled fluff of a thing
Outlined by a black glowing ring
A pearl hooved awkward mottled foal
Undercoat smoking in celestial coal
Still wet, wobbly legged ready to bolt
Fleecy and speckled comes a new Midnight Colt!