Die geheimen Tagebücher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Thursday, 30 August 2007

28/08/07 Sanctuary @ Catch22

I finally recovered from our Tuesday night out ;p

We went to Sancuary a new club opened @ the Catch22 in Turnpike Lane.

I went there for the first night on my bday eve after Brandon's gig and even this this we doubled the pleasure being a fairly big group of people.

As previously, the music choice was really nice, well mixed eclectic tastes blended all together by a good deejay.

The place itself is extremely friendly and non pretentious, a homelike feeling that made us all enjoy the night from the beginning to the very end.

I was supposed to stay for a drink as I was working on wed. but ended up properly pissed and once at home Vale had to get me ready for the bed (lol it hadn't happen for aaaaageeees) and on top of that the day after I had to call in sick because I was veeeeery veeeery hungover.

What I thought it is the best thing about that place is the fact that is local.

Local not only regarding the location but it is local in our mentality.

No big fuss about what is NOT played or NOT liked but a simple (as I already said, NON pretentious) approach to everyone in the alternative scene.

You don't need to LOOK "cool", mohawked or with uber-cool extention in your hair; just come as you like, no attitude and NO LABLES.

We danced from Ministry to Siouxsie and moved our head to Jane's Addiction, drinking tequila and laughing a lot with the regulars (NON-alternatives, casual people) and with the promoters.

I don't know if it is because that is a gay club usually and therefore everyone is a lot more friendly and non up his own arse but I think is also due to the fact that it feel already, after only 2 nights, like a local community.

It has nothing to envy to ANY of the other places around and we all hope it won't loose the modest feeling and attitide that makes far better than many many other clubs scenes around in the whole of London.

We all gathered there because we were all tired of lables, competiton and ENVY that pollutes the alternative scene around nowadays and we finally found a place that apreciate your presence without looking at your appearance.

On tuesday night a TEAM was born and I was, with all the others, probably the happiest person around (and ALSO the drunkest ahahah ). No CLUB-friends, just friends.

It will be on the 25th of September and we won't miss it for any reason, this time I will TRULY have one drink ;p
so if you come, do it with a smile and be open minded and ready to have a laugh amonst sincere and modest people.

Thanks to the Catch22 for hosting this event and thanks to Dj Bambs for having had the guts and the idea of such a truly alternative place.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Setlist Explained

The Setlist Explained.

Now, I have been really bad on Saturday as I didn’t note down the tracks I have played throughout the night.
What I have been thinking at is: instead of listing the tunes I would try to explain it with words and recalls to what I remember I had played.

I started off with The Wake (Give Up) from “Rip it up and start again” (cd + book), you should read it if you haven't yet.
What I have done at the beginning it is a referral to Factory Records & Disque du Crepuscule (otherwise known as Factory Benelux – once one thing with the Factory Records based in Manchester), having played bands like Crispy Ambulance (Sexus), SigloXX (Lines of hope), Persona Non Grata (Iroquois Boys – and boogey girl), Section25 (Girls don’t Count).
Moved towards a more punk tunes towards the end of the night with Crisis (UK1978), 999 (nasty nasty), the Stranglers (nice and sleazy), the Fall (C.R.E.E.P.), Diatribe (one hit wonder called “seventeen and dieing), Bowie/ Pop (Nightclubbing)
I paid some attention to early electronica like Front242 (Don’t Crash), Killing Joke (Chop Chop), Click Click (Sweet Stuff), Dum Dum Dum (Dum Dum Dum) and Rema Rema (Feedback Song which I was asked about along with Click Click Tune).
Then was the turn of some “italian” sounds by Litfiba (Under the Rain), NEON (Ride On) and Gaznevada (Frogs on the Phone).
I also did play Devo (The Girl You Want, extract from Tank Girl Soundtrack), Deception Bay (Squallid Joker) and some Experimental bits sung by Lydia Lunch (3x3) and Lydia’s other project 8EyedSpy (Diddy Wah Diddy), Kas Product (Pussy X).

By Request I did play some classics like Bauhaus (Dancing) and Joy Division (No Love Lost) and b-move (Nowhere Girl) but, I would like to say, my whole set was done in order to play few of the known tracks and try to play “unusual” stuff.
Of course Jesus and Mary Chain were played (Between Planet).
With unusual I don’t mean exclusively stuff “unknown” to FEW but stuff that has not been played (and therefore appreciated) by many people, based on my experience in clubs and pubs since I moved to London.

I was very very happy to see the majority of our friends (almost all, someone had to miss the night, sadly) and by the fact that Dj Sadako (which held the responsibility of the outcome of the night having decided to engage both Vale and me for the first time in there) was satisfied by the choice of music and by the overall outcome of the night.
On the other hand I had felt the look of judgment by some “regulars” or “well known” faces on my shoulders throughout the night. I personally ignore what they were thinking (whether they were good things or bad ones) I just wish they could have told me personally if there was anything that they didn’t like of our set, but no offence taken everyone is free to think whatever they like afterall. I just believe that not sharing the opinion it is sometimes just not constructive to any.
However as I said my set had been done on purpose to be variegate (within certain boundaries still) and possibly different. That is the stuff I normally listen to when I am at home and it is part of my musical threshold I do not expect everybody to like it but it always good to offer a change to people’s ear once every while.
You never know you might end up liking it!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Last night ;)

I have been a disaster as far as proactiveness is concerned...
I haven't taken any pictures apart from this one at the end of the night and I haven't wrote down any of the stuff I played, nor did Vale...
such a shame...

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Browsing the net on Constroversial Art I just found this.

I will add my personal view on this as soon as I read it all and thought about it. Stay Tuned

"Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Animal Rights Artist Angela Singer
There's a post over at the Cool Hunting blog about the New Zealand based artist Angela Singer.

"While a strident activist against all forms of animal cruelty—including vivisection—much of her recent artwork is made from discarded hunting trophies and other taxidermy that strives to illuminate human exploitive tendencies of the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a chilling effect; these carcasses highlight how grotesque natural beauty can become after suffering at the hands of humanity." Cool Hunting

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Saturday 18/08/07
Active Slaughter . Eastfields
Social Parasites

@ Chats Palace Hackney, London

Benefit Gig for North & East London Hunt sabs, Hillside Animal Sanctuary and activists legal defence funds.

We arrived pretty early at Chats Palace that Saturday and with Sindy and Charlotte we entered the place.
I had never been there and I was really positively surprised to see such a well-organised and nice place.
Good atmosphere and nice people.
It’s an arts club too and we could appreciate some of the pictures exposed in the corridors, the actual dance floor/stage is fairly wide.
It had happened that the same night there were other 3 punk gigs around so many people were worried not to have a good turnout buuuut the overall outcome of the night satisfied our organisers (and consequently all of us).
I had never seen the bands playing, including (and I should be ashamed of that) the front liners : Active Slaughter .
I loved the whole experience of being with other people committed (some more some less than me) to something like Animal Welfare.
All the bands performed well and I have to say that I really enjoyed Eastfield playing and their clever and funny jokes cracked from the stage.
Nevermind Active Slaughter . that finally saw live. They rocked up there.
I tried to take some pictures of the night and I did take some videos but they came out corrupted and therefore unwatchable.
The pictures weren’t many as I was too much into watching/enjoying the bands to be able to concentrate in picture taking. (next time guys, I’ll take more!).
It had been a while since I went out and, there, I felt at home.
Finally it wasn’t the same old story, same faces and same conversation to people.
It was a different, useful and constructive night that brought all of us together for a good cause.
I even had a little to drink! ;p
Bad was we had to leave for 11.30 to be able to catch the last train to Highbury&Islington otherwise it would have been a bit tricky to come back on the bus from there.
I personally hope that many people that will read this and that weren’t there last Saturday will be present in the next occasion to make it even a bigger success.
Its all for the animals the only living creature that will never betray and always trust us they don’t deserve to suffer like they hadn’t no value on earth.
Remember they have the right to live as we do and they need to be respected and protected against all of those don’t understand this.
Many things changed in the last 20 years and many targets have been reached making life for some animals a little less painful but the fight hasn’t finished, there are still many that suffer because of mankind being arrogant and selfish.
There is still many things to do and the more we are the quickest the change will happen.
Each one of us does what we can towards the development of a life based on the respect of each other, human and animals.
We all need to educate people; there is a lot of prejudice and ignorance on the WHY’s and HOW’s we decide to protect other living creatures and even worst many of the people out there think that their SINGLE effort is worth nothing! Which is not true. IF each one of us makes a little effort things WILL change as they did in all these years.

Here’s the Bullettin made by Active Slaughter myspace page/Jake Slaughter myspace page to sum up the success of the night.

our animal rights gig was a complete success seeing as somebody thought it would be a good idea to put on 3 other punk gigs the same night (when we get so many saturdays in London with not 1 punk gig) we had a great turn out- with people who had travelled from all over the UK to be there

around 200 quid raised split between North & East London Hunt sabs, Hillside Animal Sanctuary and activists legal defence funds

excellent sets from Social Parasites, Eastfield and I reckon we played pretty good 2 :)

a big thanks to everyone who came- your support is well appreciated

a special thanks to Katie and Parastow for helping with the food stall, Dave and Manny for the Hillside Stall, Jon Active, all the staff at chats palace The Sabs for doing the door and just generally being very cool, Eastfield and Social Parasites

Thanks to Elbo for the Active Slaughter pics shame we dont have one of him on the horn hopefully we'll get some sent to us




meat is murder

Friday, 17 August 2007

Amethyst Deceiver

Pay your respects to the vultures
For they are our future Our fathers
and mothers have
They have failed to release us
Into the welcoming arms
Of the amethyst deceivers
So pay your respects to the vultures
For they are your future
Our fathers and mothers have
They have failed to release us
Into the welcoming arms (repeated)
Of the amethyst deceivers (repeated)
So pay your respects to the vultures
For they are your future

Our fathers and mothers have

They have failed to release us

Into the welcoming arms (repeated)
So pay your respects (repeated)

To the vultures (repeated)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Nowhere Girl Lyrics

nowhere girl you're living in a dream,
nowhere girl you stay behind the scenes,
nowhere girl you never go outside,
nowhere girl cause you prefer to hide.
every night,
every day
in that all old familiar light you hang up when i call you at home.
and i try to get through
and i try to talk to you
but there's something stopping me from getting through.
Nowhere girl what you had you need,
nowhere girl all functional and neat,
nowhere girl in self-imposed exile,
nowhere girl a martyr-like denial.
every night, every dayin that all old familiar light
you hang up when i call you at home.
and i try to get through
and i try to talk to you
but there's something stopping me from getting through.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Last Week

Here we go time to look back, post some pics and talk about a certain gig.
Pido and Elisa didn't come with us to see Skinny Puppy but inside the Astoria we met, as planned, Felicia.
A good surprise it was meeting Roby and I have to say that her presence really is able to lift my mood in any situation ;)
yes I saw somebody that, even though I haven't argued or fought with, just reminds me of past times and people that hurt me and she is able, by her only presence to make me feel uncomfortable.
Anyway it lasted not long.
We were not far from the stage and, personally I was expecting more people and a lot more people pushing. It didn't really happen, compared to The Fall (or even the Front242 gig) it felt a bit "weak"...
The opening show was a noise set by this "masked hero" quite entertaining but definetly not my cup of tea.
No matter what, the song that have been played (considering that I know very little of them) were pretty much new stuff (which I wasn't hoping in....) and the overall balance of the show from 2 people that have seen them 4/5 times it is that they seemed to be a bit tired.
Despite that I enjoyed the night from the side of the room (we moved half way through to stay with Roby, not far from stage still but with a less broad view than before.
It is a band I have never been into that much but it had surely tickled my curiousity.
Anyway enough with my rants, enjoy the pics!
I am preparing the cds for Behind Bars and finally I printed the track lists of the Jesus and Mary Chains CDs for Fish which I will be sending most likely tomorrow.
At work was busy but I had a quite positive feedback during my performance review that all the ICM employees have to go through every 6 months, I am still NOT PROACTIVE enough...not a big deal: its the story of my working life anyway...


Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I have been having a couple of friends visiting for the last week or so.
Despite work has been worse than ever and I am feeling tired and exhausted I have also been very happy.
We celebrated 12 years of friendship with Pido and I can say that he is the ONLY friend I have been knowing for so long, despite the distance we always had between us.
We have been spending these days mainly indoors (they went out but I have been a flake on the point of view ) and tonight we are just about to go and see Skinny Puppy's gig :))
I haven't fogrotten about my promises and now with the Death of Anthony Wilson I have another thing I want to write about.
this weekend there's Jake's gig, oh well ACTIVE SLAUGHTER GIG and MAYBE after Slimelight.
That is if we have enough energy IN us to move unless we will be spending the night with the guys.
I will type more details on thursday/friday, when I will have some time to myself.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Lydia's Truth


How does, who does, do we choose one
why can't I have more than one
to see to say to do what to
see you once a daydream stay too...
why can't you see what I'm saying
why can't I have more than one

She can't, doesn't want to see me
hanging on your every movement...

Nothing can become of nothing
I give you all you give me nothing
why can't we just try and do it
when it's only for a moment
it don't last...don't go away
nothing to do or to say

She can't, doesn't want to see me
hanging on your every movement...

Do it once, please go away
it doesn't matter anyway
just for you to be my own
for a moment all alone
just as 3x3x3
I love you and she hates me....

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Post Punk in Australia

an interesting compilation which I will download very soon...;p
here's the review:
There seem to have been a decent number of compilations and reissues focussing in on Australian music's underground heritage, which have focused in on bands like The Scientists and Radio Birdman among others (check out the Do The Pop! Compilation on Shock Records for further details) but this collection from Chapter Music brings together a selection of tracks from the Antipodean post-punk scene from the likes of The Apartments, Primitive Calculators, Fabulous Marquises and other colourfully-named acts (People With Chairs Up Their Noses - who feature Jim White of Dirty Three no less - and Slugf**kers are especially conspicuous on this count). What's most surprising about this compilation is how heavily electronic elements feature. Take a listen to the eccentric bleeps and bloops of 'The Dumbwaiters' by (Makers Of The Dead) Will Travel Fast or the drum machine noodlings of Essendon Airport. On top of that you still get the bedroom guitar abrasion of any self-respecting New Wave scene: there's the skewed jangle of The Moodists' 'Gone Dead', while Voigt/465's 'Voices A Drama' is all Siouxsie & The Banshees hysteria. Best of the bunch is The Apartments' 'Help', plundering the same treasure trove of guitar riffs and classic guitar pop as The Cure. It's worth noting that this compilation originally surfaced a couple of years ago, and really paved the way for the more recent retrospectives on Australia's punk and garage scenes. Furthermore, there's a new second volume that's also just in this week... Excellent.

from Boomkat.com

Tracklisting :

1. Higher and higher
2. In thee body
3. Lies, and then
4. Maximum swing
5. New york story
6. I don't think so
7. Hookah chalice
8. Just because
9. Bb
10. Milk baba

Fucking amazing album that is.
Well done to Genesis and the others. It is really really really blowing me head off!
:D :D :D :D :D


This is the official post-punk site

Some bands both have been labelled as post-punk as well as Goth or PUNK as usual bands develop and change their style depending on the personal feeling and situation and inspiration...
so consider this a forever changing list.
anyway that is a much better site that will help you having a clearer idea on what post-punk is.

What is postpunk? DO NOT TRUST WIKIPEDIA

In relation to a question that I was asked on Sunday here's some answers to that. ;p

What's post punk afterall?

[ this is what Wikipedia says:

During the first wave of punk, roughly spanning 19741978, acts such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, and The Damned began to challenge the current styles and conventions of rock music by stripping the musical structure down to a few basic chords and progressions with an emphasis on speed. Yet as punk itself soon came to have a signature sound, a few acts began to experiment with more challenging musical structures, lyrical themes, and a self-consciously art-based image, while retaining punk's initial iconoclastic stance.

Typically more introverted, complex, arty, and experimental than classic punk rock or the more pop-oriented New Wave music,[1] post-punk laid the groundwork for alternative rock by broadening the idea of what punk and underground music could do, incorporating elements of Krautrock (specifically in the use of synthesizers), Jamaican dub music, American funk, studio experimentation, and even punk's traditional polar opposite, Disco, into the punk rock genre. It found a firm place in the 1980s indie scene, and left behind several major sub-genres, including Shoegaze, Industrial, Gothic rock, Post-Hardcore, College Rock, and Madchester. However, post-punk's biggest influence remains in the vast variety of sounds and styles it pioneered, many of which proved very influential in the later alternative rock scene.

Classic examples of post-punk outfits include The Fall, Gang of Four, Orange Juice, Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cure, Ultravox, and Wire. Bands such as Crass and Throbbing Gristle also came within the scope of post-punk, as with several outfits formed in the wake of traditionally punk rock groups: Magazine from Buzzcocks, for instance, or Public Image Ltd. from the Sex Pistols. A list of predecessors to the post-punk genre of music might include Television, whose album Marquee Moon, although released in 1977 at the height of the punk movement, is considered definitively post-punk in style. (However, many would argue that bands such as Television, Talking Heads, and the Voidoids were all core punk, as it was the raw originality and diversity of sound and style that was punk.) Other groups, such as The Clash, remained predominantly punk in nature yet inspired and were inspired by elements in the post-punk movement.

Championed by late night BBC disc jockey John Peel and record label/shop Rough TradePostcard Records, Factory Records, Axis/4AD, Falling A Records, Industrial Records, Fast Product, and Mute Records), "post-punk" could arguably be said to encompass many diverse groups and musicians. The original post-punk movement took place largely in the United Kingdom, with significant scenes throughout the world, though North American and other non-British bands weren't often recognized worldwide. Some notable exceptions include North Americans Pere Ubu, Suicide, Savage Republic, early Hüsker Dü and Mission of Burma, Australia's The Birthday Party, The Church, and Ireland's U2 and The Virgin Prunes. (amongst others, including

Around 1977, in North America, the New York led No Wave movement was also tied in with the emerging eurocentric post-punk movement. With bands and artists such as Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Glenn Branca, Mars, James Chance and the Contortions, D.N.A., Bush Tetras, Theoretical Girls, Swans, and Sonic Youth on their first self-titled album. The No Wave movement focused more on performance art than actual coherent musical structure. The Brian Eno produced No New York compilation is considered the quintessential testament to the history of No Wave.

The original post-punk movement ended as the bands associated with the movement moved away from its aesthetics, just as post-punk bands had originally left punk rock behind in favor of new sounds. Many post-punk bands, most notably The Cure and Siouxsie & the Banshees, evolved into gothic rock (formerly a style of the larger post-punk movement) and became identified with the goth subculture. Some shifted to a more commercial New Wave sound, while others were fixtures on American college radio and became early examples of alternative rock. Credit for the gradual evolution of post-punk into alternative rock is largely attributed to the band R.E.M..

The turn of the 21st century saw a post-punk revival in British and American indie rock, which soon started appearing in many different countries as well. The earliest signs of a post-punk revival took place with the emergence of various underground bands in the mid-90's. However, the first commercially successful bands The Rapture, Liars, Interpol, The Killers, and Franz Ferdinand surfaced in the late 90's to early 00's. These bands made music with recognizable post-punk influences, even accompanied with arty, almost modish fashions copied from original post-punk bands. Modern post-punk is far more commercially successful than in the 1970s and 1980s. The post-punk revival is unique in modern rock trends, in that it has retained a strong following even after similar 80's revival genres such as electroclash have fallen out of style.]

well this is all bullshit!

Personally I will have to get back on that with my own interpretation of Post punk, there are some points which I don't agree with and I know many others will not agree with them.
Such as
Where are CABARET VOLTAIRE ? DUM DUM DUM, REMA REMA, EYLESS IN GAZA and many other bands that I would personally define as main expample of post punk more than REM and many other mainstream bands above mentioned...
and who says that INDIE ROCK is post punk revival????? Its bullshit!
wikipedia is not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My own definition of post punk
but I need to make a small note before posting this :
I hate labels and when I am asked to define my musical tastes it is always a big problem because people tend to categorize me in a way or another and it is starting to annoy me. I usually use post punk because it is a wide definition to indicate a different approach from both goth and punk. I am aware that it was a journalistic invention as it was the term GOTH back in the 80s.
Having said that.

If you have a look at the list of bands on post-punk.com you will see many many bands I personally I would classify under punk and goth and not post-punk but then hey as I said it is just a way to group together what was not punk rock or crusty punk (that's what they mean, I think, with just the term "punk" ).
but a more insightful approach to problems, more reflection and less reaction without a strategy.
more philosophical way to see the problems, I guess.
a melting pot of punk/new wave and goth ;)
more political than Goths, less reactionary than punk and a bit less shallow than new wavers.

and that's the way I see the term postpunk....

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons

The problem with all revolutions is what to do afterwards.

Swedish band formed in spring 1980 and disbanded in November 1981.
They remind me of a very early Siouxsie Sue from the "make up to break up" period with a slight remembrance of Lydia Lunch screams.
Strong percussions and high pitch voice accompained by noisy background and spoken words.
Dark sounding tracks transmit to the listener anger and desperation.
Great Band, great songs.
Will be uploading some tracks on the player from the album "Best Off" released in 2007
a 20 track compilation with live performances and studio recordings.

Discography (from Wikipedia)
  • [Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons] Serve You! (limited home-made release of 300 copies, contained two tracks, "Fantastic" and "Happy Funeral")
  • 1980: Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons (re-release of above with different cover art)
  • 1981: IceCream To God (flexidisc release on Castor Records)
  • 2007: Best Off (20 track CD compilation of studio and live recordings on Ill Wind Records)

Compilation Tracks

  • "Blätta" (from Schlagers sommerkassett)
  • "The Poet" (from Cosa Nostra)
  • "The Poet" (from Dansa med fig. 13)
  • "Filmen" (from 37 min. i Stockholms City)

FROM http://cdbaby.com/cd/kitchenatps (on the same page you can also listen to some tracks and , if you want even buy the CD.)

Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons were formed more or less by accident in the spring of 1980.

Iggo was a member of another band, Psyco, who had a gig booked at punk haunt Musikverket in Stockholm. The band had to pull out due to illness but Iggo quickly recruited Mats and Jackie from Porno Pop to do the gig anyway. Anne joined them and took on vocal duties, they wrote and rehearsed three songs in two days and performed them under the name Gdansk.

The newly formed band immediately found themselves on a creative roll and continued writing songs and playing live, changing their name to Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons after two more shows. Helena joined the group on synth around that time making the group a five piece.
A few shows later Kitchen were invited by producer Johan Vävare to record sessions at Soundtrack Studios in Stockholm. Four tracks were recorded but only two were used- this became the Fantastic/Happy Funeral single released by the band themselves.
In an attempt to broaden their sound and artistic possibilities Kitchen invited Patrik Lindvall to join the group in early 1981. The new line up recorded their second single Ice Cream to God in Studio Decibel and released it on the newly founded Castor label.
Growing tensions within the band led to Anne leaving in the summer of 1981, to be replaced by singer/poet Iodine Jupiter, one time vocalist in Porno Pop. After recording a few tracks for compilation albums the band disintegrated in the autumn of that year, although some of the members continued collaborating under the names Kitchen and Kitchen Zoo



Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I have just been reminded about an old friend of mine coming to London with a friend from thursday for about a week, I had completely forgotten about it.
This makes me surely very happy as he's one of the oldest friends I have, we will celebrate, If I don't remember wrongly, 13years of friendship on the 10th of August.
Ages ago and we always manage to celebrate that day together.
So on thursday I will be in Camden waiting for my friend around 5.30pm.
I was planning to go with Sindy to the Fringe Festival but I am not sure anymore as I will have company which I am not sure will appreciate it, nor the Casualties gig that is happening on friday.
I was having my doubts about the gig anyway as I was told that the support band attracts Nazis and I prefer not to be present when they are.
I had tried to play my guitar last night, before finishing some work that I brought home to finish.
I almost forgotten everything that needs to be known to be able to play! I am so ashamed!
I had been told, tho, that is like riding a bicycle so I should start remembering things.
My figertips are hurting tho :p
I must remember that I need to buy some good books of chords and how to read the guitar tabs as its something I have never done, having had a classical instructions on how to play the guitar.

On a very personal front (lol) my PMS seems to be ok this month (is it thank to my myspace detox????, seems so, certainly it took away maaany reason of disappointment and taught me how not to care).

Work its busy as hell even tho the project that gave us all loads of headaches has been finished today at lunchtime.
I am trying to finish off another one about Cattle.
its so painful reading what these farmers think about/do to these poor cattles, cows and bulls.
I had to read some sentences such as "kills the unproductive cows" and that really made my skin crawl!
why did they have to give this project to me??? they know I am veggie and this project just makes me sick and having to deal with the client makes me just want to try and make them understand what they do is simply wrong! :( but I can't, can I ?

Monday, 6 August 2007

The Guitar is here ;D
~I have a vague feeling on what I am gonna do this weekend...
This coming saturday's gig @ the Underworld - Camden -
Saturday, August 11, 2007 From 19:00 Adv £ 10.00 Door £
plus Very Special Guests BEERZONE and Neck

[click on the image to access the related page]

Sunday, 5 August 2007


I have always thought that Camden during the weekend was a suicide.
Today on top of the turists I had to deal with the hot weather.
Damn it was so fucking hot! BUT it was worth it :D

Anyway I met up with Fish and later I got to know Mick one of his friends. We had a nice chat @ upstairs at the Dingwalls just before letting them go to see the Polecats performing downstairs.
It was a nice and different way of spending Sunday afternoon and I actually met interesting people.

no pics maybe one or 2 as soon as Fish sends me the 2 I took with him and Mick :)
I did dowload a new album thanks to this blog
Cultural Decay a really amazing coldwave album ! 2 song 7 mins each.
You Suck an interesting experiment ;) there is one track that I would love to play as last song ;p

for now that's all folks

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Deviant Visuals

New Picture uploaded on DeviantArt
listening to
Alphaville- Fallen angel
Devo - Girl you want
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in Pink
Q lazarus - Goodbye Horses
Play Dead - Shine

a little soundtrack to indicate how I am feeling right now :)

I am also uploading them all so that I can share the feeling with you.
I am back, in sptember will be most likely deejaying again with Vale @ Behind Bars I just can't wait!

Looks like there is a whole load of people out there willing to make of the music and of the principle a real tangible experience and Val and me are right part of it.
A new chapter started, new days ahead with more music and experimentalism.
I am so fucking looking forward to it.
as soon as I have the flyers and all the confirmation I need Iwill post it on here and on my myspace page.
Yes I did it I am back as nO-One tho ;p
I will be using it as a mean to comunicate but my real blogs and pictures will still be here on blogger.com.

I am really happy today.
Tomorrow will be watching the Polecats live @ Dingmills from 3pm to 10pm.
meeting up with some interesting people.
more stimulation on the music side :)

Thursday, 2 August 2007

You probably have read these already ...

but I finally gave a image to my words ;)

Scarlet drops fell on shower floor,
first they played with the hot water and then disappeared within it
I looked down and my legs where stained of my essence.
Vermillion thoughts in my headand
red water at my feet.
My nature bled and my desires were leaking lust.

She ripened and then she bled
She laughed and then She sighed
I ripened and then I bled
I laughed and then I sighed
I just bought an Electro Classic Guitar on ebay.

Conquest Love and Self Perseverance

Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio

Conquest Love and Self Perseverance

[click on the album cover to access the official site]

1. Phosphorus Ascending / Anthem of Venus
2. Watching Lucifer wander (Through the sweet Dew of Morning)
3. Mistress of Hourglass Figure
4. Cleft of stainless Rose
5. In the grassy fields, where the world goes to sleep (We kissed this world goodbye again)
6. Cleansing the Tainted Face of Reason
7. The Perplexity of Hybris. I Glorify Myself
8. The Blind are leading the Blind are leading the Blind are eading the Blind
9. Let's Celebrate the Exploration of the Human Body
10. Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance. The Gospel of Aptitude
11. Disrobed but in Stockings
12. Ouroboros, the Serpent of neither Beginning or End
13. (untitled)

Cold Meat Industry

An album that sees a perfect marriage of the sensibilities of the first album, and the stylistical approach of the second. We instantly recognize the atmosphere of ritualistic decadence; the crack of the whip, the ecstatic moans, and the sound of high heels. These attributes of sacrilege and fetishism blend seamlessly with the sounds of the acoustic guitars, chimes, and celestial strings - turning this album into an unequalled exposÈ of apocalyptic industrial folk music at its best.

I also posted track06 and track07 on the player so you can listen to an extract of the album :)

and here are the lyrics of the same tracks

'Cleansing the Tainted Face of Reason'

When reason is dead and the fools are made kings,the wind will decline and the trees will stop singingWhen balance is lost and silence is gold,not much will remain of the truth that we toldWhen love is condemned and weakness is might,then lonesome are we who succumb to the delightWhen yielding is just and vassals adored,then life will decline to upsurge no more
When pleasure and sorrow are pledged to be wed,the sun and the moon will descend to be deadWhen falsehood is honored for tainting truth,the ending is near and our lives destituteWhen comfort has died to leave room for remorse,then hope is forlorn both with kingdom and horseBut facing the end with a grin and a sword,injustice will part to the sound of discord

'The Perplexity of Hybris. I Glorify Myself'
Among the roses where I stand,
torn and scratched disguised by blood
,I watch the puppets stagger in their unlife,
caught in the web of perplexity

'I glorify myself
I glorify myself for who I am
I glorify myself
I glorify myself for what I am'

Screams of frustration echo,
while my feet walk across the shells of the damned
In these realms of demise,
where life seeks its mark

Listen to my laughter,
high upon the wind
I walk the path of my choice,
trampling those who seek to stand in my way

A bright glowing star,
shines almost invisible,
down into the crypts in the city of worms,
where life pursues in darkness

This is my life,
and I rightfully praise myself for my accomplishments
My intellect guides me,
as my life ceaselessly progresses

What is Hybris in a world that thrives on contempt?
What is Hybris in a world that fosters shame?
What is Hybris in a world where blind are made to lead?
What is Hybris in a world where abstinence is a deed?
What is Hybris in world where the fools are highly praised?
What is Hybris for a god in a world of the impaled?
What is Hybris for a god in a world that spews on strength?
What is Hybris in a world where virtue is repent?

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Fallen Angel - Alphaville lyrics -

I hear those voices on the radio
I switched it off because she told me so
She's an investigator
She's like an elevator
Nobody told me we'd be all alone
You know
Somewhere my friend he'd left me
In that red light zone
You know
She said: I've seen your deepest secrets, son
They're just as lightning
In the look of your eyes

I said: I want you, Baby,
I said: I want some more
I said: I never ever felt it like that moment before
She's an assassin,
She's melting steel in my heart
But I beg for more.
She said: I want your body,
She said: I want your soul
She said: A fallen angel takes it but she'll never let go
She's an invader --
She's from another world
But I beg for more and more

She's raising feelings cutting like a knife
She's pouring fire into my liquid life
There's no escaping from her mysteries,
She gives me kisses of the stangest kind
She says: I know you'll like it,
So come over here
She says: Just let that rhythm filter
Through your body, dear
and then she...
She always did it and she always will
She'll stay that hunter
'till the end of time