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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Rome, review and travel diary

afterthoughts and reflections

I had a lovely time despite the bad experience at the Hostel we had booked our 2 nights stay.
Booked a place at Ciao Roma B&B about a month ago, we had contacted by the company the same day we were flying to Rome to hear them saying that they had made a mistake with the bookings and that instead of a double we would have stayed in a twin room, if that would have been ok with us.
Vale obviously said there wouldn't be any problems (it was just 2 night and we are not a fussy couple when we are traveling) BUT when we arrived there we found a quite unprofessionally casual attitude in this Hostel (we had to chase this Australian girl to get pillows, blankets and towels for the room whilst she was drinking with other customers and she was getting ready to go out with them), the twin room we had been put in was a tiny little room with no windows, the duvet was dirty and a general feeling of claustrophobia was what we felt when we stepped into that room.
The bed was a bulk bed stuck between the wall and the big (trembling) wardrobe that was blocking the bathroom door to opening fully (due to lack of space).
There was nothing else in the room whilst on the site it was advertising a safe and the breakfast included in the price...they offered a tiny discount (15 euros! for both for 2 nights), we didn't say anything resolute to accept the situation and just enjoy our weekend (in the end we weren't going to stay that much in that hole).
At 2am the whole next-door gang + emplyed of the hostel came back from clubbing being the noisiest people we had to share the hostel with.
That was it, we called her in the "room" and told her that we were going to check out if they didn't move us in a more apropriate place, in the place we actually had booked the room in because of all these things.
Things happened very quickly and the morning after we were moving into the decent, nice and CLEAN place that they had advertised on the net.
The problem was solve, and we were, although a bit tired, happier.
The Holiday had started, went to see San Giovanni in Laterano and the Ossuary of the Capuchin Church, we couldn't take pictures but we managed to take some low quality (certainly not of the same quality we would have liked) with out mobile phones.
That Visit just made me grew fonder of the Capuchin Order as the best of the bad bunch that the Church is, modest, down to heart, poor and genuinely loving people.
I personally felt good talking to a monk there about the Kutna Hora Ossuary and about how the one in Rome was born.
Extracting them all from the Christian background they are the most lovely people one could meet, genuine good hearted ones.
Sadly they are part of the Catholic institutions :(
I have always been fascinated by Francesco D'assisi, the animal lover (it has been said he was probably vegetarian too!), good hearted monk that gave the name to the whole Order.

The Fontana di Trevi and the Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini in between restaurant and coffe breaks here and there ;p
Then we met us with Catalina and Angelo for a sanctious Dinner at the Tana Del Sardo where we ate far too much and drank even more lol, went clubbing to the Zoobar to see New Days Delay (thanks Dennis for the guestlist!!!!) and we had the pleasure to see Luna there too! such a surprise!
We also saw Zombified (Gabriele) briefly and I had the chance to exchange a very brief chat with Dennis from NDD .
Dance a little, digestion didn't really help but we laughed a lot and Enjoyed the set played.
The day after, nice and early (10am) off to San Pietro where we saw, believe it or not, the Pope himself during his sunday speech, a bit of a shocking experience that left me disgusted watching all the middle/high class people there with fur coats preaching to be good christians but no having the least sense of guilt about wearing dead animals' skins!!
I finally noticed how much the italian bourgeois can be hypocritical and ignorant and selfish, you should have seen the looks that they were throwing at us: gay couple, freaks, weird looking individuals!
Inside the Sixtine Chapel as much as I loved the artwork and the imponence of such a construction, it mainly reminded me why I abandoned the way of the catholicism and why I have been thinking about the de-baptism !

Loads of pic taken (on the verge of 400/500) and many will be posted here I guess.
I will also create on my picasa web-album, a folder for the others.
After the Vatican City we went off to Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna (with the Santissima Trinita de' Monti Church) and Villa Borghese which we didn't see properly due to the fact that we were very tired and time was running out (its n the list of the first things to do in our next visit). On the way back to the main station we popped in some churches, few of the many worth a look.

We arrived home late last night and today a full working day.
We are dead tired today but I can't wait to go through the pics and work on them :D

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