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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Lydia Lunch - Exene Cervenka : Rude Hieroglyphics

a couple of extracts:

"this government doesn't give a shit about the individuals: the poor are gonna get poorer, the rich are gonna get richer
and the middle class which is most of us will continue to stagnate in some kind of arcane socio-economic stranglehold, whilst politicians all around the globe just continue to suck corporate cocks. Untill the cows and that is a conspiracy of women storm into the fucking Whitehouse and do something about it! "

or again:

"I am sick to death of sudo alternative lifestylers; who just have to get pierced and tattooed for instant credibility, yet somehow still manage to buy the lie, get married move to the suburb and then………….. breed……………

Now, I can assure you there are no wedding rings on my hands, there are certainly no stretch marks on my belly or on my thighs for shitting out a watermelon;
I mean as a new vanity item, I mean someone to love me in my old age, I mean someone to love the way I was never loved, someone to take care of you, you know that unconditional love, you know, someone who’s probably gonna grow up to hate your fucking guts, after you have spent the entire life swages just to feed clothes and house the little fucking shit and you know what ? Can you blame the kids for hating their parents most of you still hate your fucking parents, living or dead!
And both of my parents are dead and I still fucking hate them because afterall they are the ones that brought me into this endless holocaust of human suffering.
And you know the next war, in this country, unfortunately I don’t have much faith that is gonna be civil or a sexual war I think it’s gonna be a generational war, I think it’s gonna be all the babies of all the babies having babies who are gonna grow up in an environment so overrun of violence and hatred and prejudice that war is just gonna be second nature.
Killing is gonna be done out of convenience or boredom and family values as practiced by my favourite american folk heroes: the Menendez brothers It’s what is gonna come down at the dinner tables when there isn’t enough food to feed the hungry little leeches that should have never been born in the first fucking place."

Lydia Lunch's new project Big Sexy Noise live 21.07.09 @ Corsica Studios [http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/big-sexy-noise/]

tickets : http://www.wegottickets.com/event/53293

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