Die geheimen Tageb├╝cher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Elemetal signs symbols

Elemental Houses
Ether Meridian - Spirit - The Temple
I Am the spirit around you
I am divinity within you
I am the light shining through you
I am all that I am!

The etheric meridian is also know as the fifth elemental house of the meridian or spirit. Etheric ether is strongest in the early hours as the four etheric winds pass into the physical plane between 4am and 7am this movement of energy is known as prana or life force energy.

Council of elders of the temple of the earth energies and are known in magic circles as the Ancient Ones. Element Spirit body of the temple.

Fire Element - South Tower
I am the Fire around you
I am the spark of life within you
I am the flame burning through you
I am all that I Am!

Fire - Salamanders
The salamanders are the spirit of fire. Without these beings, fire cannot exist. You cannot light a match without a salamander's being present. There are many families of salamanders, differing in size, appearance, and dignity. Some people have seen them as small balls of light, but most commonly they are perceived as being lizard-like in shape and about a foot or more in length.
The salamanders are considered the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals. Their ruler is a magnificent flaming being called Djin. Those who have seen him say that he is terrible, yet awe-inspiring in appearance.

Salamanders have the ability to extend their size or diminish it, as needed. If you ever need to light a campfire in the wilderness, call to the salamanders and they will help you.

It has also been said that salamanders (and the other elemental beings) can be mischievous at times. For example, a fiery temper and inharmonious conditions in a person's home can cause these beings to make trouble. They are like children in that they don't fully understand the results of their actions. They are greatly affected, as are all nature spirits, by human humankind's thinking.

Air Element - East Tower
I am the Air around you
I am the breath of life within you
I am the wind blowing through you
I am all that I Am!

What about the air meridian? It is an extension of the nature meridian energy that gives life to the planet and we draw it into our bodies all the time. As we all know pollution plays a big part in our lives and it is pollution that has affected the air meridian and ether meridian with CFC and other gas particles that affect our lives and our health. We gather this negative energy of CFCs and other gasses in our energy systems as well and that in turn causes illness in the physical body as well.

We can counter this problem by living in cleaner environments like the country or surrounding ourselves with plant life if we live the the city. We can also balance this problem by air meridian charging the other way to counter this problem would be to find cleaner and greener ways to live by stopping the pollution of our planet and restoring the air meridian to its natural order in the meridian eco system.

Air - Sylphs
The sylphs are the air spirits. Their element has the highest vibratory rate of the four (beside earth, fire, water). They live hundreds of years, often reaching one thousand and never seeming to get old. They are said to live on the tops of mountains. The leader of the sylphs is a being called Paralda who is said to dwell on the highest mountain of Earth.
Sylphs often assume human form but only for short periods of time. The vary in size from being as large as a human to being much smaller. They are volatile and changeable. The winds are their particular vehicle. The work through the gases and ethers of the Earth and are kindly toward humans.

They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those on creative arts.

Water Element - West Tower
I am the Water around you
I am the pulse of life within you
I am the ocean flowing through you
I am all that I am!

The water meridian is the most important meridian of the earth and is one of the cleansing and life giving meridians as well but it also supports the meridians of nature and earth. Then in turn air and ether and as we pollute the water meridian we also affect all of these meridians. So this in turn affects us all and it is this imbalance that we must fix. One way to do this is to find cleaner ways of living. The other way to do this is by charging off the water meridian more often.

Water - Undines
The undines are the elemental beings that compose water. They are able to control, to a great degree, the course and function of the water element. Etheric in nature, they exist within the water itself and this is why they can't be seen with the normal physical vision. These beings are beautiful to look at and are very graceful.
They are often seen riding the waves of the ocean. They can also be found in rocky pools and in marshlands. They are clothed in a shimmery substance looking like water but shinning with all the colors of the sea, with green predominating. The concept of the mermaid is connected with these elemental beings.

The undines also work with the plants that grow under the water and with the motion of water. Some undines inhabit waterfalls, others live in rivers and lakes. Every fountain has its nymph. Every ocean has its oceanids.

The undines closely resemble humans in appearance and size, except for those inhabiting smaller streams and ponds. The undines often live in coral caves under the ocean or on the shores of lakes or banks of rivers. Smaller undines live under lily pads.

The undines work with the vital essences and liquids of plants, animals, and human beings. They are present in everything containing water. There are many families of undines, as the chart indicates.

The ruler of the undines is a called Necksa. The undines love, serve, and honor her unceasingly. They are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to human beings.

The smaller undines are often seen as winged beings that people have mistakenly called fairies. Those winged beings are seen near flowers that grow in watery areas. They have gossamer wings and gossamer clothing.

Subgroups Of The Water Meridian
Sea Maids
Water Spirits
The Naiads (from the Greek ?????, "to flow," and ????, "running water") were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks, as river gods embodied rivers, and some very ancient spirits inhabited the still waters of marshes, ponds and lagoon-lakes, such as pre-Mycenaean Lerna in the Argolid. Naiads were associated with fresh water, as the Oceanids were with saltwater and the Nereids specifically with the Mediterranean; but because the Greeks thought of the world's waters as all one system, which percolated in from the sea in deep cavernous spaces within the bosom of the earth, to rise freshened in seeps and springs, there was some overlap. Arethusa, the nymph of a spring, could make her way through subterranean flows from the Peloponnesus, to surface on the island of Sicily. In his Dionisiaca, (XVI.356; XXIV.123) Nonnus gave the naiads the nonce-name Hydriades ("water ladies").

Earth Element - North Tower
I am the Earth around you
I am the heartbeat within you
I am the ground below you
I am all that I am!

Earth Meridian
As for the earth meridian then earth is our home and if we look after our home world then our home world will look after us. The way we do this is by finding cleaner and greener ways to live and to stop depleting our resources. The other is by grounding to the earth every now and then and balancing our energy system.

The meridian energies exercise chart will show you which charging, cleansing, healing techniques you need for your area and the charging, cleansing, and healing techniques will help you balance out your energy system and this in turn will bring us all better health and a happier life style.

The nature meridian is also one of great importance because it is the cleansing meridian of the earth. The nature meridian takes the negative forces of the earth like carbon dioxide and cleanses it and reproduces it as air. But we as humans cut away the forest of meridian energy so then the nature meridian weakens. In turn our energy system is weakened by this affect. The way to counter this problem is by replanting as we use and bring greenery into our homes and in doing this we are cleansing, charging, and healing our energy system so we can charge off the nature meridian.

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