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Poison Creeper

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Maanam Biography

The group Maanam was founded in 1975. In the beginning the band was made up of Marek Jackowski - guitars and Kora (Olga Jackowska) - vocals, as well as: the Greek Milo Kurtis and Welsh John Porter. Marek Jackowski and Kora continue today to be responsible for the music and lyrics of the band's almost entire repertoire. Up until 1979 the band played acoustic rock: from orientalising suits and ballads to acoustic (!) punk rock and new wave. In 1979 the band became electrified. Its composition was: Kora, Marek Jackowski, Ryszard Olesiński - guitars, Krzysztof Olesiński - bass guitar (meanwhile Bogdan Kowalewski played the bass guitar) and Paweł Markowski - percussion. In the 1980s Maanam was the first Polish rock band to achieve great fame in the country (for almost five years the band performed several hundred concerts per year in Poland's largest concerts halls). Maanam was the ice-breaker in paving the way for a new wave of Polish rock. In 1980, at the Polish Song Festival in Opole, Kora and Maanam shocked the Polish audience. The punk hits "Boskie Buenos" and "Żądza pieniądza" caused a mini revolution.
The big revolution of Solidarity and Polish rock were the most characteristic events of the '80s in Poland. The state record company stopped producing the band's first two albums "Maanam" and "O!" due to the lack of ... vinyl. The band also appeared in a very popular film "Wielka majówka" (1981, dir. K. Rogulski). Maanam produced a large number of superhits the most important of which include "Stoję stoję", "Oddech szczura", "Szare miraże", "Hamlet", "Żądza pieniądza", "Boskie Buenos", "Szał niebieskich ciał", "Karuzela marzeń", "O!", "Paranoja jest goła", "Nie poganiaj mnie", "To tylko tango", "Krakowski spleen", "Jestem kobietą", "Eksplozja", "Zdrada", "Raz-dwa, raz-dwa", "Lucciola", "Simple Story", "Lipstick on the Glass".
Since 1984 Maanam performs successfully in West Germany and Holland. The band's albums titled "Night Patrol", "Totalski No Problemski - Maanam In Concert" and "Wet Cat" reach those markets. Maanam also performs at festivals in Roskilde and Turku. They play at London's Marquee, and the video clip to the song "Sie ściemnia" is the first Polish clip to be released on the then international MTV channel.
From 1986 to 1991, the band breaks from performing to rest from work.

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