Die geheimen Tageb├╝cher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jill Tracy - The Other Side of Pain

Those blasted clocks have all run down
Oh, does time stand still without you around
The birds don't sing their little song
The prophecies have all proved wrong

The Persian rugs have gone thread-bare
The waxy moon has lost its flair
The wishes drown beneath the well
The razor blades have all gone dull

But this is confidential, you're the one to blame
And now the forecast calls perpetually for rain
And although it's rather late, I lie awake in vain
'Cause I'm still waiting for what's wonderful
Just the other side of pain

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