Die geheimen Tagebücher von einer verderbten Existenz

Behind these gates you will hear my thoughts screaming like nerves under the sun and feel my emotion laughing to the empty ether.
Welcome Dear Wanderer, make yourself at home.
The road is long and tortuous and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Fraternally Yours,
Poison Creeper

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Thee Liberty Snake 23.02.10

Aleister Crowley - Excerpt from the Gnostic Mass
Novy svet - The World, the Flesh and the Devil
Bain wolfind - Corruption is the Currency
AIT! - Cosmic Swastika
Pankow - I'm lost, little Girl
November Növelet - Magic
Chris and Cosey - Heartbeat
Adult. - Kick in the Shin
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Ice Cream To God
Kas Product - One of a Kind


PTV- Unclean
SPK - Kontakt
Haus Arafna - Für Immer
Genocide Organ - John Birch Society
Rasthof Dachau - Kompression Der Gegenwart
Thorofon - Riot Dictator
Brighter Death Now - Moribund
Helios Creed/Genesis P-Orridge - Book Of The Highest Initiation


Thursday, 11 February 2010

I Want You Hard - Leaetherstrip Lyrics

He feeds off the sun
He makes love in the rain
Strokes himself with hands of leather
Hands of Leather
I want you
His nail slowly dives
Into my skin
Pain is spreading through my body
Deep within
I want you
My body shakes
I lick the salt off my lips
The sweet taste of body fluids
On my fingertips
I want you
Let the whip slowly slide
Down my back
Squeeze my flesh
Hard with your hands
I want you

Monday, 8 February 2010

My Diabolical Streak - Jill Tracy Lyrics

Slave to good intention.
Mastermind the great.
A victim to the culprit,
Of finding out too late.
So I linger in the hallway.
One story down below.
Longing for a 45 revolver
And a 62 bordeaux.

But you're the only one who can please me.
You're the only one.

I hear the creaks in the floorboards.
A firmament above.
I can chart the course of your star.
Like a dirty hand in glove.
And I'm lurking in the holes.
Creeping cross the corners.
Cuddle up so soft and safe.
Close your eyes and calculate.

One to nullify the pain.
Two to make it real again.
Three please give me one to grow on.
Four my recompense.
Five don't leave me in suspense.
Six promise not to peak.

My diaboliical streak.

Extraordinary - Jill Tracy Lyrics

Oh my dear, you runneth over
With your cup of convoluted wares.
The Aftermath is sinking lower.
The perfect pales beyond compare.

Your garden's rushing to my head now.
Your guise will leave no stone unturned.
I'm paralyzed by your concoction.
Your sleight of hand keeps all my fingers burned.

I've searched the holy books and I've dogeared every page.
I've stolen secrets from a sorcerer's own sage.
Although a connoisseur of fine legerdemain.
I've just one word for you.


You are open to interpretation.
Like the trap door underneath your tousled throne.
And I'm engaged and I'm enraged and I'm enchanted.
With this little bit of magic I've been shown.

I've searched the holy books and I've dogeared every page.
I've stolen secrets from a sorcerer's own sage.
Although a connoisseur of fine legerdemain.
I've just one word for you.


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Current 93 Lyrics " A Sadness Song "

When we touch the world
And it falls away
When we feel that we're born
Just to fall apart
And our mother lies in state
And the broken pitcher glistens
And the snow is at the window
Creating neither sign nor symbol
And the earth covers earth
And the mud lies in pools

Where the sand-dunes stretch unbroken
And the dry wind bends and sighs
And the geese are running harmless
And our desires are running wild
Then we're looking at the smoke
That's rising from the incense
Neither coming here nor going
Neither heaven here nor hell
Neither borning here nor birthing
Neither dying here nor death

And we're wrapped inside our troubles
And we're wrapped inside our pain
And wracked with fires with longing
And our eyes are blind with night
With our fingers clutching coins
And our thoughts burning with 'I'
And our eyes cannot be sated
With the world and its nightmares
With the world and its dreams
Though later they'll be filled
With a small handful of dust
And the gods appear on the altars
And we recognise their face
It's a face that we have carved there
And it's full of fear and longing
And promises and threats
But they neither stoop to conquer
Nor do they stoop to praise
And the mines are void of diamonds
That we carry in our rags

Then all the world seems
A sadness song
And all the world seems
A sadness song

Friday, 5 February 2010

TriORE - Three Hours - Lyrics

01. The First Three Hours (instrumental)

02. Victory Rising
Victory is rising and the world has turned insane
Sleeping dogs are walking and the little children pray
Dying suns are setting in a sky of raging war
We think about the good times while we perish with before

?I bring you lies, I bring with me
A dream that only, we can see
I bring eyes; I bring you teeth
I have a dream, reserved for me?

Victory is rising with the advent of the tide
Broken men are crying while they stagger in the night
Strom clouds are ascending where the falling stars collide
Walking through the fires to the sound of life that dies

03. After Summer We Fall
In the first day of winter the last day of fall
We dance in the snow and remember the sun
We drink to the visions of winter advancing
Embracing our marrows with coldness unsung
The first day of springtime the last day of winter
We lie on the grass and remember the snow
We drink to the rising of summer and blossom
And nourish the passion of winter disowned

?Seasons come, just like the summer rain
Seasons change, and go away again?

In the first day of summer the last day of spring
We drink to the visions of nature revived
We lie on the grass and revere every instant
Till the last straw has willed and summer has died
In the first day of autumn the last day of summer
We love in the darkness and dance in the rain
We drink to the visions of heaven?s colliding
Foreseeing succession again and again

04. The Missing Hour
The castle deflated, created of air
A kingdom forsaken, from lover?s despair
The queen has departed, yet loving and fair

?When I was lost you told me that blood would heal my wounds
When I was found you told me to face the ugly truth
When I was young you loved me and all the lies I told
But now our dream is over and we are spurned and cold?

My land has expired; the court it has died
But please don?t resent me; believe I have tried
Love is still likely, when hatred has died

05. Another Love, Another Hate
Don?t believe, the tales of treachery
Evil of the man, who evil wants to see
I find myself, inside myself
Evil is, what, evil wants to be

?Another time, another place,
Another love, another hate?

When friendship turns, to treachery
Please see yourself, for what you want to see
I don?t accept, your truth of me
I see myself, and wonder what you see

06. No Tears Are Shed For You And Me
A beautiful man, disguised and hurt
For all his dreams, they give him words
His quest of life, extends beyond
Beneath his feet, the world is numb

?Are we confined inside of dream?
The flame of life within our reach
Our souls at ease deceased would be
The time has come to be conceived
My faith is lost but still complete
No tears are shed for you and me?

His faith was lost; his gods are dead
The sky above it gleams to death
Who lights the flame that once was doused
With tears of pledge and faithless vows

07. Pleasures And Tortures
I was smothered not to praise my father in the sun
I was punished not to please my sisters in the stars
I was baptized not to honor my mother in the moon
I was murdered not to cherish my brothers made of snow

?Certain pleasures are forever we are raised in disbelief
Certain tortures are forever there is silence when we preach
Certain pleasures are forever we are feared and disbelieved
Certain tortures are forever can you satisfy my needs??

I was slandered not to worship my father in the sun
I was beaten not to lust my sisters in the stars
I was branded not to touch my mother in the moon
I was vanquished not to love my brothers made of snow

08. Fires Burn, Like Fires Do
Here is today, and here is forever
Baptized in tears to a lifetime of sorrow
Seize not this day, but wait till tomorrow
Sweet woman child who love just to loose
Is love not sweet, where bombs explode?
Between black kisses awarded to you
Here not my words unveiling the truth
Love is forever, but just for a few

?Time is here for us
Love will come again
Flames will rise for us
And burn again, like fires do?

09. Let Us Meet In The Trenches
I won?t raise my hand in anger; I won?t speak no words of spite
The friends I had have parted; I stand barren in the night
The memories I kept, of the friends they claimed to be
They will perish when I waken, and its freedom that I fell

?Let us meet in the trenches, let us dance in sun
Let us kiss in the bloodshed, till the future has come?

10. There's A Smell To Life That Dies
Fear me not; I am one
Taste my soul; face the sun
Life will rise, like a spear
We are now; quench the fear
Fear me not; I am two
Touch yourself, who are you?
What came first, god or man?
Jesus came, in my hands

?Hear the sound of horses riding
Can you fell the thunder call?
Storm clouds gather in the distance
Soon the burning rain shall fall
Hear the sound of structures falling
Can you hear the dream that die?
Hear the song of people crying
There?s a smell to life that dies?

Fear me not; I am three
Man and beast; be conceived
Stars will fall, just like ash
Read the signs, on my back
Fear me not; I am four
Touch the flame; like before
Every man, is a star
Taste the sperm, of my heart

11. Europa's Dream
Until the day Europa falls, my love is not for you
In memories and solitude, your hearts remains untrue

?Europa?s dream the dagger?s creed, I name your soul with tears
From love we come in love we leave, for love we shall concede
Unfailing is Europa?s fall, the words we cannot speak
From love we come in love we leave?

Until the day when angels fall, your tears will fall unseen
That roses bleed and love departs, is meaningless to me

12. The Last Three Hours (instrumental)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Harsh Fiesta Celebration - Setlist - Malta

Satori - Eruption
Die Form - Reflex
Kristus Kut - Take me I'm all yours
Club Moral - Here Lives my house
Sleep Chamber - Dream Ov Life
Brighter Death Now - Adipocere
Stirner - Sex Fix
Coil - It's in my Blood

Clock DVA - The Unseen
Chris and Cosey - Driving Blind
Fad Gadget - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Suicide - Ghostrider
Zola Jesus - Sink the Dinasty
SPK - Baby Blue Eyes
PanSonic - Machinist
TG - Hamburger Lady
Test Dept - Sweet Sedation
Swans - Mother/Father
DAF - Sato Sato
Nitzer Ebb - Backlash
EN - Was ist, ist
Laibach - Alles gegen Alles
LeatherStrip - Fit for Flogging
Big Black - Bad Penny
Foetus - Need Machine
Young Gods - Gasoline Man
Chrome - Abstract Nympho
Pankow - Warm Leatherette
Killing Joke - Turn To Red
Ministry - Land of Rape and Honey
KMFDM - Attack Reload
Bile - Head
Fear Factory - Remanifacture
Neurosis - In Silver Through Blood
Skinny Puppy - Dig It
Punish Yourself - Gay Boys in Bondage
NIN - Heresy
RevCo - Do You Think I'm Sexy?