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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Clashes between Casapound and community centers in Rome

It was just a matter of time before the political factions started to fight each others on the streets....

Scenes of urban warfare in Rome. Dozens of activists of the social centers and collectives on the one hand, and left many supporters of the extreme right Casapound clashed in the afternoon at Casal Bertone, in Rome, not far from the new station Tiburtina. They overturned dumpsters, threw stones, hit with sticks and iron bars and detonated firecrackers, until the police intervened to separate them with charges of lightening and tear. There would be no serious injuries, only five bruised, but tension remains high. The two sides have launched mutual accusations about the triggering of the riots. A short could get the first footage of the complaints on the basis of Digos. An afternoon high tension that led the mayor, Gianni Alemanno, to argue that "political violence is a weed that grows in a spiral of mutual retaliation. We must break this cycle before it can grow."
The Left parties have returned to demand the closure of Casapound."Enough of these attacks squadristici" said Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Province, asking for clarity on the responsibilities of the clashes. "Rome can not bear to plunge back into the dark ages we thought were completely forgotten," he added. The collective of the left argue that a dozen young far-right with helmets and sticks attacked them in the morning, two militants, one of whom was wounded in the head. Casapound argues that self's mother's own investigator was assaulted with kicks and blows by some people of the extreme left to Portonaccio, not far from Casal Bertone.
It seems certain, however, that in the afternoon people were moved to the left of the tens 'Social Stores' minded to attack the Casal Bertone Casapound Futurist Circle, in Via Orti di Malabarba, today celebrated the fifth anniversary. Here, all parties are addressed overturning bins, damaging parked cars, throwing smoke grenades and coming in contact even after the intervention of police and police in riot gear. The situation seems to be back in the evening quiet. Alemanno has also asked to "identify and bring to justice those responsible" and "to all political groups, right and left, to isolate the violent".To the left of the Federation must "disband the neo-fascist organizations".
The Association of Partisans (ANPI) of Rome demanded an end to the "fascist violence" and called together for an event tomorrow afternoon at Ostia, on the anniversary of the Nazi massacre of the Ardeatine. In Ostia at the end of February broke out more skirmishes between militants of the left and right, with dozens of stops and a similar exchange of accusations.

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