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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nothing is True, Everything is permitted.

Zos, Kia and Self-love

'Zos', in Spare's terminology, is (among other things) the creative power of the magician, the imagination.
'Kia' is the formless Ultimate Reality, another word for Tao or Brahmin or Buddha-nature. It is also the Will. As Peter Carroll points out, Kia is that which makes life meaningful. If you can understand how all these things are the same, you're doing pretty well.

Spare writes that Kia "may be regarded as the primordial sex principle, the idea of pleasure in self-love." What does he mean here? Perhaps he is saying that life is essentially a striving. Sartre said that "man is a useless passion", that the nature of consciousness is to reach beyond itself for something else. To rephrase that in a magico-sexual metaphor: all conscious experience is Lust. Self-love is the aim of Spare's magic. It is a state of consciousness in which the inherent lust of the mind is constantly fulfilled and renewed, so that you are swept along on a constant torrent of enjoyment of passion, freed from "belief" (Spare seems to use the word "belief" to mean all that is static and solid in the mind) and ego. You might have experienced something like this if you've ever had sex on 'shrooms.
From The Book of Pleasure (self-love): The Psychology of Ecstasy: 
"The Kia which can be vaguely expressed in words is the "Neither-Neither," the unmodified "I" in the sensation of omnipresence."
"[Kia is] The absolute freedom which being free is mighty enough to be "reality" and free at any time: therefore is not potential or manifest (except as its instant possibility) by ideas of freedom or "means," but by the Ego being free to recieve it, by being free of ideas about it and by not believing. The less said of it (Kia) the less obscure is it"

Now, Austin Osman Spare inspired the Illuminates of Thanateros

However I couldn't help but asking myself : The whole of Chaos Magick is based on the of lack of Dogma, personalised rituals and free choice over the principles, paradigmas and on the total supremacy of the individual performing such rituals.
Isn't the IOT a controversy, then? 
Reading on their site "The Illuminates of Thanateros represent the "organised" side of what is usually called Chaos Magic." what does that mean ? Which one is the organised side of Chaos Magic.
I know I have my own organised Dogma, created by myself from different sources and personal experience but which one is the Organised side of Chaos Magic?

To answer this question I have found a Ph.D. online about the Laws of Chaos Magic.

The Laws of Chaos Magic [click on the link to read more] which kind of gave me a new idea on Chaos Magic. 

Interesting enough I have just realised that on sunday the 25th of November 
Fulgur.co.uk is organising an AOS book launch : The focus of Life by AOS

We are also pleased to say there will be a special exhibition and book launch for this title at the Store Street Gallery, 32 Store Street, Bloomsbury (next to Treadwell’s) on Sunday 25th November, 2012. Original drawings from The Focus of Life will be on display, plus letters, ephemera and the incredible suite of magic-erotic drawings. All are welcome.
The Focus of Life (Redux)
Book Launch and Exhibition
November 25th, 2012
12 midday until 5pm
The Store Street Gallery
32 Store Street


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